Merci à maître Jérôme Houde
pour cette piste de lecture
à propos du changement quantique chez l’être humain.
Je vais donc tout faire pour parcourir ce livre


Quantum Change
When Epiphanies and Sudden Insights Transform Ordinary Lives
William R. Miller and Janet C’de Baca
212 Pages
Size: 6″ x 9″
May 2, 2001

Most of us walk through each day expecting few surprises. If we want to better ourselves or our lives, we map out a path of gradual change, perhaps in counseling or psychotherapy. Psychologists William Miller and Janet C’de Baca were longtime scholars and teachers of traditional approaches to self-improvement when they became intrigued by a different sort of change that was sometimes experienced by people they encountered—something often described as “a bolt from the blue” or “seeing the light.” And when they placed a request in a local newspaper for people’s stories of unexpected personal transformation, the deluge of responses was astounding. These compelling stories of epiphanies and sudden insights inspired Miller and C’de Baca to examine the experience of “quantum change” through the lens of scientific psychology. Where does quantum change come from? Why do some of us experience it, and what kind of people do we become as a result? The answers that this book arrives at yield remarkable insights into how human beings achieve lasting change—sometimes even in spite of ourselves.


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